Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Life These Past Few Months

To all of my seven followers:
You must have realized that I haven't posted in quite a while. Let me tell you why.
I'm 23 weeks pregnant now, and my cravings are hitting me from every side! Though sometimes that would enable amazing gourmet masterpieces to be created, for me my cravings come in a form of the convenient. I have been good about not giving into my crazy cravings (those artery-clogging meals no one should ever eat, let alone someone carrying a growing child), but last night I indulged. The menu for dinner last night: Four cheese pizza with garlic, oregano, and parsley (I wish I could take credit, but it was a frozen pizza. All I did was add the herbs), french fries (I had been craving these for weeks, but I only ate two, and one giant Hershey bar. These items are not exactly the culinary creation of the century, nor can I claim any culinary credit for any of these items--aside from the fact that I DID preheat the oven.
No, my dinners have been uncreative to say the least. My dinner usually consists of two apples with cottage cheese and the occasional cookie.
My life is busy. From trying to get thirty minutes of cardio everyday, trying to pass all of my seven classes so I can graduate in December, and trying to spend time with my husband and family it's a miracle if I can even get to the stove for all of the dirty dishes that accumulate. Creative dinners have been the last thing on my mind. Oh, I guess I did make chocolate chip cookies with my nephews on Sunday night--whoops, I guess I have created something.

All that to say, I'm hoping in December--when things have slowed down just a bit, I will return with vigor to my blog... but for now, I guess everybody is trying not to pile on the pounds before Thanksgiving anyway.

The next time you "see" me I might be many pounds heavier.

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