Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Cheesy Quesadilla!

I finally made dinner again. We are trying to save a little money this winter by putting off using our heater as long as possible. It is now December 9th, and we haven't used our heater once.
All that to say, I was in the mood for something warm. Being pregnant has its up and downs in the food department. Right now I'm having to force-feed myself to keep from losing weight because food just doesn't appeal to me anymore. But these quesadillas...mmmm. I didn't have any trouble eating these at all.

So, I had this plan to make an extravagant meal complete with side dishes and everything, but as I put these quesadillas together that I now affectionately label "Easy Cheesy Quesadillas" I realized they were going to be quite filling by themselves.

To start:
I wanted to buy inexpensive ingredients, so here was my grocery list:
1 bag of BestChoice Taco Blend cheese
1 package of large flour tortillas
1 red bell pepper
1 jar of Picante sauce

Things I had on hand:
Easy Turner breaded chicken tenders
Skim milk
Dried oregano
garlic powder
a dash of white cooking wine

To begin cooking:
In a medium sauce pan I combined about 1 cup of skim milk (it was too much), a big handful of the Taco Blend cheese, a dash of white cooking wine, about a tbsp of dried oregano, and garlic powder to sight (I would say taste, but everyone measures garlic powder by sight), a large dollop of Picante sauce, and 1 tbsp of butter and I let it all thicken together beautifully. (I apologize for the quality of my pictures, I was using my phone)
Next, I sliced up the chicken tenders (about two per tortilla) and the red bell pepper. I added the sliced ingredients to the tortilla, spooned the cheesy sauce over said ingredients, and then added a small handful of the leftover Taco Blend cheese to bind it together. I folded the tortilla in half, and after adding the slightest amount of oil to my skillet, I fried the quesadilla lightly on each side until the cheese was melted, and the tortilla was a golden brown.

I served it with a small bowl of picante sauce, and my husband ate them up! I have to admit, I did too. This fattening meal was a welcome respite to a plummeting scale. I woke up today at the same weight I weighed yesterday morning--a welcomed result.

This whole meal took me about 20 minutes to prepare. I think it would be much quicker if one had a plan instead of making up the recipe as you go. Enjoy! We did!