Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday Night Pizza

Though I am almost always watching my weight, I do enjoy a Friday night pizza every once in awhile. I tried “recipe” after “recipe” for a good homemade pizza with no success. I even tried to make my own whole wheat crust that ended up too big of a taste for the pizza. I persevered, however, and finally, after months of attempts, I found a recipe that my husband said was the best I had ever made.
    Now, this recipe is not exactly healthy, but it’s not expensive. This is, however, one of the easiest homemade pizza recipes I’ve ever made. I believe that the whole preparation process took about 11 minutes (including cooking time).
    I call this Friday night pizza because since I’ve been married, Fridays are the nights we like to stay at home. I’m usually so tired from the week that I don’t want to spend an hour making dinner. We usually grab a bite, a movie, and are in the bed by 9:30. So this recipe is dedicated to all of those women who want “fast food,” but don’t want to spend $20 at Panera (our fast food of choice).
    The way I make it easy for myself is to buy an already made crust. I buy a Bomboli pizza crust, or I get a crust that needs to be rolled out and baked.
    Today, I used the already baked crust. I used to buy smoked Gouda and Havartey cheeses to make it a richer flavor, but my tastes have changed.
    The most important ingredient, I would say, is smoked turkey sausage. It has a very strong taste, and I love it (I would put it in everything if my husband didn’t object). I start by chopping up a turkey sausage link into thin quarter-size pieces. I do ‘em up right in the skillet with a little white cooking wine, garlic, oregano, and my secret ingredient: SUGAR! I like a little bit of a sweet taste to my pizza, but I used to put the sugar in the sauce. But I’ve found that if I sweeten the toppings instead of the base of the pizza it adds a more subtly sweet taste. So, in the meat, I put half of a tablespoon of sugar, garlic to my heart’s content, and oregano (probably my favorite herb).
    On the other side of the stove, I cook the sauce. Now, just use the $0.99 jar of Prego three cheese tomato sauce. I add a couple of shakes of Rosemary, oregano, and salt.
    While those are heating up, I lightly salt the crust with garlic and parsley. When all of that is complete, I top the crust with sauce, spread Mexican three-cheese blend over the sauce and top with Turkey sausage. Tonight, I was not in the mood for veggies, but I usually cook red pepper and onion with the turkey. I bake it for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees, take it out, and enjoy! I'm sorry there are no pictures. There was a glitch with my camera.

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